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Local Resources

Integrated Care Hub Rapid Needs Assessment 

In 2021 Kingston's Integrated Care Hub undertook a Needs Assessment to better understand the needs of clients who use substances and develop recommendations for systemic change. The report outlines 6 recommendations to inform collaborative problem solving and program design across sectors. 

The Integrated Care Hub Rapid Needs Assessment: Synopsis of Recommendations

The Integrated Care Hub Rapid Needs Assessment Synopsis of Recommendations provides a summary of new assumptions gained from the needs assessment and proposes some recommendations to begin addressing them. 

Policy Brief Submitted to the KFL&A Public Health Board - Apr 26, 2021

This policy brief advocates to try to meet the needs of people who use substances. 

Drug Decriminalization and Destigmatization

Developed for Queen's Medicine Municipal Day of Action 2022 (MDoA). MDoA is a student led initiative that provides individuals with the opportunity to organize and present a topic of concern regarding public health and/or health policy to the local Kingston municipal government. Below are the asks:

1) Apply for a Section 56 Exemption for the City of Kingston

2) Explore and address stigma surrounding people who use substances and drug decriminalization by undertaking community dialogues that will be used to guide future educational campaigns focusing on destigmatization and any identified gaps in knowledge

3) Support the creation of a memorial butterfly garden in memory of those lost to substance use or toxic drug poisoning where in a designated piece of property is allocated that is accessible to the most vulnerable in our community (i.e. centrally located, properly maintained).

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