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Stigma and Education Resources

  • Resources for Community Members
    1) Overcoming Stigma Through Language: A Primer Language impacts the way people see themselves and how they are treated. Stigmatizing language around substance use often implies that related harms are due to personal choice or moral failing of the individual. When speaking about substance use, try using person-first and objective language such as person who uses drugs person with lived experience of substance use substance use disorder 2) Reflecting on Stigma Worksheet Developed by the Community Addictions Peer Support Association, this worksheet provides reflective prompts to support community members ability to understand substance use related stigma. 3) Understanding Substance Use Health: A Matter of Equity The purpose of this resource is to introduce a new concept of Substance Use Health that meets the needs of people where they are and is free of stigma. To achieve equitable access to healthcare programs, services, and supports and evidence based information related to substance use health and substance use disorder. This resource aims to: - Define Substance Use Health through a newly established common understanding and standard; - Inform a national conversation on how Substance Use Health can destigmatize substance use and substance use disorder (SUD) and advance health system-level innovation in the care of clients and the treatment of individuals; and - Establish the All People All Pathways approach as a public health model that is barrier-free, client partnered and works within a spectrum model of Substance Use Health. 4) Community Addictions Peer Support Association Youtube Channel
  • Media Resources
    1) Stigma Primer for Journalists This resource provides a guide to better reporting on substance use and the people it impacts.
  • Resources for Practitioners
    Coming soon!
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